Apple SD Card Reader

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Card reader use:

1. insert the SD card into the card reader first, and then insert the reader side of the reader into the iPhone and iPad.

2. iPad or iPhone will automatically open the photo app, you can organize your photos to "time", "selected" and "year". If you use the iCloud photo gallery, your full-resolution photos and videos will be stored securely in ICloud and automatically added to the photo app for each device. With iCloud photo sharing, you can only share photos and videos with people you choose


If you have difficulty reading a photo video, please check the following details:

1. Please note that the card reader is inserted in place when the reader, such as the iPhone prompt "accessories do not support" Please check the iPhone IOS is 9.2 to 10.3 or more

2. Photo files must be saved in the SD card "DCIM" directory, this directory for the camera format standard directory, other directory files do not support import.

3.Video file Please first use MediaInfo software to check the video encoding is not H.264 and MPEG-4, and then change the video name, for example, can be named: MVI_8593, the number can write their own casually, and then Put the video file into the DCIM file Folder can be, (MVI_ digital naming is the Canon camera naming method).


It just can read photos files and videos file for iPhone or iPad

lease check if your iPhone and iPad are in the list as below:

iPhone Models iPad Models

iPhone 5 iPad mini

iPhone 5c iPad mini 2

iPhone 5s iPad Air

iPhone 6 iPad Air 2

iPhone 6 Plus iPad mini 3

iPhone 6s iPad mini 4

iPhone 6s Plus iPad Pro(9.7-inch)

iPhone 7 iPad Pro(12.9-inch)

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus