Arcade Light Switch

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Nostalgic, Arcade Style Design 
Inspired by classic arcade style games, these replacement faceplates will take any video game room, bedroom, or playroom to the next level. Amp up your design with these all-plastic light switch covers. They have a smooth feel, with a satisfying click each time you turn the light on or off. 
Requires a Rocker-style Light Switch 
Arcade Plates can be installed over any standard, rocker-style light switches (also referred to as paddle-style light switches). See the reference photo if you’re unsure what type of light switch that is. 
If you don’t currently have rocker-style switches, they are inexpensive at any hardware store, and can be easily installed—No hardware is included to install rocker-style light switches; Arcade Plates are simply light switch covers, not actual switches. 
Easy to Install 
Install Arcade Plates without ever touching the wiring! All you need to install Arcade Plates is a standard flathead screwdriver. Simply remove the existing faceplate, and replace it with the Arcade Plate using the included screws, which match the color of the faceplate. Instructions are included with every purchase. 
Easy to Clean 
Smooth, glossy finish makes cleaning the switches quick and easy. 
Customizable, Inter-changeable Design 
All Arcade Plates are designed to be interchangeable with each other. Customize your look however you want by selecting the appropriate colors in the product options. Use Arcade Plates for boy’s rooms, girl’s rooms, game rooms, man caves, or any other themed room.