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If there is a dog and more than one person in your home, you are familiar with this question: "Did you feed the Dog?" You know you can't rely on the dog to answer this question honestly. If asked, dogs will lie. Behold, our solution! Move one of the sliders when you feed the dog, ...slide 'em all back at the beginning of the week. No batteries or extended training required. Mounts almost anywhere. It may help instill a sense of responsibility with some of the younger folk in your house. It's an analog device with appeal to those that may reminisce about a pre-app, tactile world. It assuredly complements your already stylish home. It may also bring a little peace & quiet to your home as no one needs to bellow 'did you feed the dog?' anymore. The unit is constructed of high impact ABS plastic with a stylish brushed-metal appearance (black back & sides). Product dimensions are 4-3/8" w x 6" h x 5/8" d. Two mounting options are included: 2 pieces of sticky foam tape and 2 pieces of sticky magnetic material.