Freebord 5-X: Pavement Snowboard

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The Freebord 5-X replicates the movement of a snowboard on pavement. Everyone loves fresh powder and perfect bluebird conditions, but the reality for most of us is that the resorts are far away, and the snow conditions aren’t always great. If your passion is snowboarding then you're in luck. Say goodbye to expensive lift tickets, long lift lines, and getting snaked by Jerry. Get the Freebord 5-X and turn any neighborhood into your personal snowboard run. 

The latest feature of the new truck system is the independent suspension hangers. This new design eliminates the stiff response of a traditional skateboard bushing and maximizes the turning radius of the board to match the same trajectory as a snowboard.

For years beginners have struggled to master the technique of edge control. The Freebord 5-X delivers a playful and forgiving ride with precise and predictable transfers. The new system makes going edge-to-edge simple and fun.

Another benefit of the 5-X design is that the springs smooth out the ride over rough surfaces and dampen vibrations making for one of the smoothest rides ever.

Do you like jibbing and park tricks? Well, this design changes everything because of the way they disperse weight across each individual edge wheel. This opens up the doors for butters and a whole new world of tricks we've yet to even scratch the surface.