Smart Measuring Cup

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The right size for every liquid and dry ingredient in your recipes, the Smart Measuring Cup can replace your traditional measuring cups with a digital readout in grams, ounces or milliliters. Just start to pour or spoon in whatever you need to measure, and watch the numbers rise. Bake pastries like brownies and pâte à choux, create pizza or quiche dough, and make precise sauces—every recipe becomes more accurate and easier to complete when you can easily weigh or measure multiple ingredients in the same container.

Great for enabling accuracy when you are converting metric recipes to imperial units (or vice versa), the Smart Measuring Cup switches between modes at the touch of a button and also has separate settings for water, milk and oil to ensure precise measurements for different liquids. The two-part cup design delivers accuracy even when you hold it in your hand. Includes removable ring that acts as a splash guard. Made from ABS and silicone with a white cup and light gray handle. Includes a clear removable lid. Requires three AAA batteries, included. To clean: Base cover is washable with dish soap and water after removing from the main body; main body should be cleaned with a dry cloth or wet wipes only. The inner cup is removable and is dishwasher-safe.