SockSync Sock Sorter

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  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: SockSync is lightweight and ergonomically designed to perfectly fit into your laundry day routine. It features a combination of a laundry basket and a spinning top, aka Spinner. The Spinner houses eight cylindrical openings, the SockSync Cups, that are designed to perfectly fold a pair of socks and positioned to drop them right into the basket.
  • QUICK, EASY & FUN TO USE: The spinning feature makes it effortless to scroll through the single socks as you search for their match. Once a match is found you simply push the pair together into and through the opening, which folds the pair and drops them into the basket. After the spinning and matching is done, you'll have a basket full of paired and perfectly folded socks ready to be put up. SockSync makes sock matching quick, easy and even fun!
  • LAUNDRY BASKET IS INCLUDED: The Spinner is removable. Once you’re done matching the socks, you can take it off and use the basket as a traditional laundry container or to store the folded socks in.
  • ONE OF A KIND: SockSync is the first and only product that provides a patented solution to the hassle of sock sorting & matching. There’s nothing out there like it!
  • INNOVATION AWARD FINALIST: The International Housewares Association (IHA) has nominated SockSync as an Innovation Award finalist. SockSync was also featured on the NBC Today Show along with several other media platforms.