The Saiyan Prince T-Shirt

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I laughed a lot designing this, because Vegeta is almost completely different from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Vegeta is aggressive, mean, short-tempered, Type A. Will is chill, goofy, and cool. It doesn't make sense, but since they're both softies at heart, it kind of does, and the incongruity is hilarious.

It all comes together with Vegeta's battle armor in a Memphis Print. It's like Bulma dressed him as a joke. The base of the shirt is a pseudo Memphis Print. Very unique, never seen anything like it before, and it fits well with Vegeta's rage, but also keeps it goofy.

I also had gobs of fun cutting together this Vegeta X Fresh Prince video. It was too jarring to cut back and forth from The Fresh Prince to Vegeta, and I got so frustrated trying to make it work. Then I took a walk and realized that video-in-video allows them to share the scene seamlessly.