YogiFi Smart Yoga Mat

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YogiFi Series-1 (Pro) is an intelligent yoga mat that delivers personalized yoga sessions with an immersive virtual studio experience, all at the comfort of consumer’s home, with the flexibility to practice anytime. YogiFi uses artificial intelligence to automatically recommend personalized wellness programs based on individual’s history, current limitations and future goals. These programs are designed and curated by certified yoga professionals from India and across the globe.

The patented technology embedded inside the YogiFi mat tracks simple-to-complex yoga postures non-intrusively (without use of camera), provides real-time feedback and automatically correlates vitals and breathing patterns through the wrist wearable.

YogiFi delivers a unique immersive experience during the session by engaging all the senses resulting in a deeper relaxation and holistic healing for consumer.
We call it "SensiFi" with "YogiFi". 

  1. Visual: YogiFi mat has a 270-degree projection view of thematic landscapes allowing consumer to practice yoga with choice of their backdrop : Himalayan Mountains, Waterfalls in Rain forest, Picturesque Landscapes,  Exotic Beaches etc., 
  2. Audio:  Step-by-step guided instructions with a soothing background music 
  3. Aroma:  Aroma therapeutic dispensers embedded inside on the mat.
  4. Touch:  Pressure sensors that respond to touch with a visual and haptic feedback for posture correction.