ZOS Oxygen-Absorbing Wine Preserver

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The ZOS oxygen-absorbing wine preserver system removes freshness-zapping oxygen from an open bottle of wine so every glass—even the very last one, and even up to two months after opening—is as fresh as the first. The stopper lets you reopen and reseal a bottle and the replaceable non-toxic cartridge does its absorbing magic in minutes.
  • Instructions: Insert the ZOS into the neck of the wine bottle immediately after opening or after the wine has reached your desired level of oxidation. Only insert the ZOS into a bottle of wine after a minimum of one glass worth has been poured. See full guide for more information
  • Fits most 750 ml bottles
  • Allows bottle to last up to 60 days
  • Cartridge can be reused for up to fifteen bottles of wine
  • Contents in the cartridge meet U.S. FDA Standards for food content
  • Please note: Not compatible with some larger screw cap necks and oversized bottles