Everest Whiskey Glasses Set of 2

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  • A WHISKY GLASS THAT IS BOLD AND INSPIRING - This isn’t your typical premium whiskey glass, it’s 3D modeled on the highest peak in the world, yes Mount Everest! We wanted to create a set of 2 scotch glasses that would be a symbol of bold ambitions and the relentless pursuit of achieving life's goals, so we crafted the shape of this great mountain into the glass with the summit breaking through, it’s out of this world! It’s the perfect whiskey gift set for your home bar or glass collection.
  • HANDCRAFTED AND INTRICATE IN DETAIL - It took more than 6 months and a lot of experimentation to master the technique required to make this mountain glass. It’s not made by machine, each glass is hand blown and takes more than 12 hours to finish! The mountain is old, but these are no old fashioned whiskey glasses. They are intricate, and they are as unique as they are inspiring, no two of these Everest rocks glasses are the same, each one is completely and uniquely yours.
  • ULTRA CLEAR 100% LEAD FREE GLASS - Unlike crystal glasses which can contain up to 20% lead, our glassware is made from high quality ultra clear lead-free glass. Hold it up to the light, the clarity is stunning. Your favourite drink served on the rocks (whisky, bourbon, brandy, rum, gin, vodka or tequila, just to name a few) from any region - Kentucky, American, Canadian, Japanese, Scotch, Irish will all look and taste amazing out of this luxury glass.
  • NOT BIG AND BULKY - this glass is slightly smaller at 8.5 OZ which is ideal for spirits - A liquor glass should be sturdy and firm, it should fit nicely in a female hand, whilst satisfying men with much larger. But this is not about gender, as whiskey enthusiasts, we wanted a bourbon glass that had enough capacity to hold ice balls, cubes and whiskey stones but would also be just the right size to allow all the different aromas to evenly reach the lip of the glass.