Personal Wine Glass Chiller

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What do a chardonnay, Riesling, and rosé have in common? They all taste their best when cooled, and many reds reach peak flavor at a wine-cellar temp of around 60°F. But even the most perfectly chilled pour doesn’t stay that way once it’s out of the bottle. With Lisa and Randall Pawlik’s clever creation, your favorite vintage keeps its cool—and flavor—much longer.

Here’s how it works: Chill the “cradle” in the freezer for at least three hours and attach it to the stand (a magnet holds it tight). Then, place a stemmed wine glass in the cradle, pour, and enjoy. The frozen piece cools your wine to an optimal temperature for up to an hour and a half indoors and 45 minutes in a shady outdoor spot, and you don’t have to compromise taste with a metal chilling wand or plastic ice balls. If your drink’s too cold, just let the glass rest outside of the cradle for a few minutes. Choose from four soft, neutral shades to complement your table and decor. Made in Texas.