10 Baby Yoda Gifts That Will Give You The Force

Some refer to him as The Child. Others Baby Yoda. Whatever you call him, you better respect his cuteness. Here is the definitive list of Baby Yoda gifts that are certified to give you the Force. 

1. Baby Yoda Mug ($16)

Coffee you will sip. Energy you will feel.

Baby Yoda Mug

2. Baby Yoda Hangover Baby Carrier T-Shirt ($18)

Not at the table, Baby Yoda!

3. Baby Yoda Sticker ($5)

Baby Yoda will always stick around. 

4. Baby Yoda Earrings ($10)

You will have great hearing with each Baby Yoda earring. 

5. Baby Yoda Xmas Pocket Tee ($12)

Baby Yoda, hurry down the chimney tonight. 

6. Baby Yoda Baby Costume ($38)

Your baby will be even cuter dressed as Baby Yoda. 

Baby Yoda Baby Costume

7. Baby Yoda Beanie ($25)

Beanie Baby Yoda, get it (lol).

Baby Yoda Beanie

8. Baby Yoda Starbucks Venti Cup ($19)

Baby Yoda in Italian is Bambino Yoda. 

9. Baby Yoda Bauble ($8)

Your Christmas Tree will be lit by the Force.

10. Baby Yoda Mandalorian Popsocket ($17)

This Popsocket will support your phone like an army of Mandos.