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Quick View Create Your Own Video Game Set

Create Your Own Video Game Set

CLICK TO BUY   Introduce young gamers to the world of coding with a console that builds and runs retro arcade games. The debut of the first handheld video game console in 1976 provided a portable way to enjoy a single arcade hit. Today, this...
Quick View Build Your Own Bluetooth and FM Radio

Build Your Own Bluetooth and FM Radio

CLICK TO BUY Listen to this: You can build a radio, no electrical-engineering degree required. This kit has everything you need to assemble one that includes an FM tuner, ports for USB and aux cables, and Bluetooth connectivity. Just...
Quick View Orbitkey Desk Mat

Orbitkey Desk Mat

CLICK TO BUY A clever solution to organise and optimise your workspace. Document hideaway to store loose papers and notes. Magnetic cable holder keeps cables in place. Made from premium vegan leather and 100% recycled PET felt.
Quick View Keycadet Gravity Deskmat

Keycadet Gravity Deskmat

CLICK TO BUY   The keycadets have taken their first journey into space to "Esc" earth and are getting their first sense of life without gravity.  
Quick View Work from Home Survival Kit

Work from Home Survival Kit

CLICK TO BUY   The items in this of-the-moment kit help you work at home in peace and chuckle at our shared predicament.   This humorous kit is the proof: Working apart is bringing us together. When this (you know what "this" we mean)...