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Quick View Thomas Keller Chocolate Bar Gift Set

Thomas Keller Chocolate Bar Gift Set

CLICK TO BUY Thomas Keller's K+M chocolate bars are no ordinary confection. The smooth, luscious bars are made with single-origin cocoa beans sourced directly from farmers and combined with a small amount of MANNI organic extra-virgin olive oil for a...
Quick View 'Keep Going' Paperweight

'Keep Going' Paperweight

CLICK TO BUY   Winston Churchill's weighty words remind you to face challenges in work and in life head-on. Mr. Churchill was certainly a man who knew how to hold up under pressure. Even as his country was at war, with his own city...
Quick View Ryan Reynolds Tweets Wooden Coaster Set

Ryan Reynolds Tweets Wooden Coaster Set

CLICK TO BUY Ryan Reynolds, @VancityReynolds on Twitter, is a constant stream of good feels and funny quips. Lucky for you, his tweets can now be permanently etched on artisanal wooden coasters. Seriously.
Quick View Custom Map and Pen Desk Set

Custom Map and Pen Desk Set

CLICK TO BUY   This custom-made desk set celebrates life's journeys with a map of your choice location. It takes hard work and a clear vision to make your place in this world, and this custom-made desk set celebrates both the journey and the...
Quick View Pantone The Game

Pantone The Game

  CLICK TO BUY Officially Licensed by Pantone Tons of characters to build Easy to use sorting system for colored cards
Quick View Folding Portable Mini Collar Iron

Folding Portable Mini Collar Iron

CLICK TO BUY Lightweight, it has a flat design that folds about the size of a palm.By spreading out the sides of the iron, you can use it to iron a wide range of clothing like a traditional iron. For small areas such as collars, pockets or trouser...
Quick View Desktop Pen Garden

Desktop Pen Garden

CLICK TO BUY   A garden that never needs watering. This set of five magnetic ballpoint pens, housed in a handmade oak-wood tray, resembles long blades of grass and flowers. Plant an object of your choice in the tray’s sixth...
Quick View Fixer of Everything Sign

Fixer of Everything Sign

  CLICK TO BUY Claim or name and shame that desk for the office handyman with the Fixer of Everything Wooden Desk Sign; a funny office gift that’s perfect for a Secret Santa reveal or general corporate banter. The triangular desk sign...