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Quick View Imitation Weed Crunchy Topping

Imitation Weed Crunchy Topping

CLICK TO BUY This crumb is made to order. Perfect for 4/20 inspired treats. My favorite way to use is on chocolate covered strawberries, but you can use it for cakes, cake-pops, chocolate covered strawberries and so on!
Quick View Glitter Hearts Toilet Bombs

Glitter Hearts Toilet Bombs

CLICK TO BUY You can spray it, fan it, flush it, but there’s no getting around it: poop smells. Take heart, or, rather, hearts, because the miasma has met its match in these aromatic potty bombs. Drop a few glittery tablets in the bowl...
Quick View Rest In Peace: My Fucking Sanity Skull Bath Bomb

Rest In Peace: My Fucking Sanity Skull Bath Bomb

CLICK TO BUY Drop in this large skull bath bomb in the tub & let it fizz away into a dark purple water with a stress relief eucalyptus spearmint aroma. This sassy bath bomb is the perfect bit of relaxation for you (or a friend!)SIZE: 5oz Skull Bath...
Quick View Blink-182 I Miss You Tee

Blink-182 I Miss You Tee

CLICK TO BUY "Jone waste yore toyme monme yore all rediii the voice insoide moye yedd". A special gift for your loved one. It's going to put a smile on the recipient's face for sure.
Quick View Ski Pole Toilet Plunger

Ski Pole Toilet Plunger

CLICK TO BUY Impress your bathroom guests with a toilet plunger made from an old ski pole. High quality, fully functional (unlike other ski pole plungers on the market that are purely for decoration), reinforced and sealed to prevent water from getting...
Quick View Bread Ambiance Lamps

Bread Ambiance Lamps

CLICK TO BUY   A handcrafted light made from actual baked baguettes, croissants, and dinner rolls. Rodin worked in clay. Michelangelo dabbled in marble. Maker Yukiko Morita uses flour, salt, and yeast. That's right—she makes...
Quick View 2020 Dumpster Fire Candle

2020 Dumpster Fire Candle

CLICK TO BUY Well let's face it, 2020 has been a dumpster fire so far. Why not embrace it and burn your very own dumpster fire! Made from a mixture of Beeswax and Soy, these candles contain a wood wick for a truly satisfying dumpster fire sound. Since...
Quick View Bernie Sanders Paparazzi Onesie

Bernie Sanders Paparazzi Onesie

CLICK TO BUY Feel the Bern with this Bernie Sanders Paparazzi Onesie! This all-over-print jumpsuit is the perfect way to show your support for the popular Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders! Get yours today.   
Quick View CVS Receipt Scarf

CVS Receipt Scarf

CLICK TO BUY This soft fleece unisex scarf is designed to look like a CVS receipt. We've all seen how long CVS receipts are, now you can look like you're wearing one while staying warm with its' super soft fleece material. This unique design is sure to...
Quick View Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) Waffle Maker

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) Waffle Maker

CLICK TO BUY From hardworking young student and mother, to trailblazing lawyer fighting for gender equality, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg couldn't have done it without a good breakfast. Inspire the early risers in your life to follow in her supreme...
Quick View Nicolas Cage Declaration Blanket

Nicolas Cage Declaration Blanket

CLICK TO BUY This funny blanket features Nic Cage overlayed with the Declaration of Independence. A great addition to your home decor and is sure to leave an impression. Perfect gift for meme lovers.The fleece blanket features a lightweight, pill-free...
Quick View Gorilla Arm Pillow

Gorilla Arm Pillow

CLICK TO BUY Snuggle up to the hunkiest primate on the planet with this Shabani Gorilla Arm Pillow, a unique product inspired by the animal that has become a sensation at Higashiyama Zoo, Nagoya. The Western lowland gorilla is a veritable...
Quick View Bread Pillow

Bread Pillow

CLICK TO BUY These 3D simulation plush pillows are made from Short Plush and Filled with PP Cotton. The soft fabric makes it both huggable and durable Bread Shape simulation design and looks very realistic, I believe you can't help eat them. Great...