10 Cool Father's Day Gifts Under $25

With Father's Day quickly approaching, you don't have to break the bank to give dad a cool gift. Here are 10 recommendations for our team that dad will surely love. 

1. Flight Flap ($10)

For the business traveler, this is a savvy gift that can be used as a stand for your iPhone or iPad and fits neatly in your bag.

Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder


2. Multi-Positional Screw Driver ($25)

For the man of the house, this screw driver will always come in handy.

Multi-Positional Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver

3. Hand-Carved Eye Glass Holder ($18)

Read the writing on the wall, Dad's vision isn't getting any better. This expertly crafted gift will sit pleasantly on Dad's nightstand and hold his glasses as he's catching some zzzs.

Hand-Carved Eye Glass Holder

4. Custom Golf Tees ($8)

Take a swing at a custom gift any golfer will love. Custom tees with your message are a great, inexpensive gift for dad.

Custom Golf Tees


5. Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers ($25)

After a long day on the links, dad needs to kick back and chill. Chill his drink with these creative chillers (whiskey not included). 

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers - Set of 2

6. Mesh Grill Bags ($22)

All of the flavor without all of the cleaning, these grill bags are great for the grillmaster who fires up veggies next to his choice of meat. 

Mesh Grill Bags - Set of 2

7. Clever Tongs ($10)

Tongs or spatula? Why not both. This brilliant invention is a great gift for the dad who likes to cook and won't break your bank. 

Clever Tongs (Spatula + Tongs)

8. Wireless Charger ($14)

Keep dad fully charged with a portable wireless charger. This QI-enabled brick doesn't require you to carry around annoying cords. 

Portable Wireless Charger

9. Couch Coaster ($25)

Coast through Father's Day with the perfect addition to a Sunday spent on the couch. 


10. MacBook Sidewinder ($24)

Cut out the nonsense of Macbook cords with this clever sidewinder. This makes transferring your Macbook charger that much easier, something dad is sure to appreciate. 

Apple MacBook Charger Holder

For more ideas, check out our full Father's Day page.