10 Nicolas Cage Gifts You Don't Need But Also Need

Nicolas Cage is a national treasure. Whether you love him for his early days in Raising Arizona, his action days in Con Air, or his American days in National Treasure, we can all agree he is the greatest actor of any generation.

1. Nicolas Cage Declaration Blanket

Nicolas Cage Declaration Blanket

2. Nicolas Cage Wrapping Paper

Nicolas Cage Wrapping Paper

3. Nicolas Cage Heat Revealing Mug

Nicolas Cage Heat Revealing Mug

4. Nicolas Cage Face Sequin Christmas Stocking

5. Nicolas Cage Card National Treasure

Nicolas Cage National Treasure Card

6. Nicolas Cage Coasters

Nicolas Cage Cork Coasters (Set of 4)

7. Nicolas Cage Face Mouse Pad

Nicolas Cage Mousepad

8. Nicolas Cage Socks

Nicolas Cage Face Socks

9. Nicolas Cage Face Sequin Pillow


10. Nicolas Cage Emotions T-Shirt

Nicolas Cage Emotions T-Shirt