30 Cool Father's Day Gifts on Amazon

Shopping for dad is hard, but we'll make it easier with expertly picked gifts you can find on Amazon. From grilling and travel to tech and vices, we've checked all the boxes for every dad on your list. 

1. PowerPic Wireless Charging Picture Frame ($80)

Take a picture it will last longer. Take a picture, print it, frame it and have dad charge his phone on top of it. With option of black or white, this is a great gift for a dad with a Qi-enabled phone.

2. Carry-on Garment Bag ($44)

For the quick trip, business or pleasure, dad could use this trendy carry-on that keeps his suit neatly packed. NO WRINKLES.

Carry-on Garment Bag

3. Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 ($120)

Put some BOOM in dad's room with the ultimate bluetooth speaker. This speaker is waterproof, dust proof, drop proof but not dad joke proof.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Bluetooth Speaker

4. Chippo Golf Beer Pong ($190)

Chip away at dad's heart with a golfer's version of cornhole. Perfect for a dad who loves the beach or backyard games just as much as he loves being on the links. 


5. Car Mount Wireless Charger ($30)

Go chargers, go! Hook dad's wheels up with a wireless charging phone mount so he can stay juiced up.

Wireless Car Charging Mount

6. Smart Light Switch Dimmer ($50)

Dad of things, meet Internet of things. Give dad full control of the house with a Smart Light switch compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Give dad an Amazon echo last year, this is the perfect follow up.

Smart Light Switch Dimmer

7. Meat Thermometer ($17)

Dad used to take your temperature back in the day. Now let him take the temperature of his meat so he can grill to perfection. 

Meat Thermometer

8. Logitech G935 Wireless Gaming Headset ($150)

This is a serious gift for a dad who is a serious gamer. Combine RGB lighting with 50mm PRO-G drivers for a perfect gaming experience.

Logitech G935 RGB Wireless Headset

9. WalkWhiz Retractable Leash + Flashlight ($30)

For the dad who loves a good night walk with his best pal, this retractable leash has a clever flashlight guiding the way. 

Walkwhiz Retractable Leash + Flashlight

10. Eye Glass Pillow ($35)

What do dad's dream of? When they take a little daddy snooze? We bet they dream about a pillow that let's them watch TV without taking their glasses off. 

11. Special Shit Seasoning ($57)

Dad is the best and he deserve the best shit...to put on his meats. A hilarious collection of grilling spices will get a laugh out of dad and some flavor off the grill. 

Special Shit Seasoning Sampler

12. Golf Ball Chillers ($25)

After a long day on the links, dad needs to kick back and chill. Chill his drink with these creative chillers (whiskey not included).

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers - Set of 2

13. Smart Water Bottle ($37)

Water is the essence of wetness. Dads need to water to live. A smart water bottle will remind dad to stay hydrated.


14. Kindle Paperwhite ($130)

Read between the lines. For the dad who loves a good book, this is a no brainer, if he doesn't have one already. 

Kindle Paperwhite (Waterproof)

15. Stemless Fountain Aerating Whiskey Glass Set ($56)

Dad needs to chill and so does his whiskey. This stemless glass comes with a built in chamber that aerates your wine or chills your whiskey. His choice. 

16. Masters Hat ($56)

A gift unlike any other, if you can't send dad to Augusta, gift him a piece of the Sunday magic instead. Great for golfers.


17. Multi-Positional Screw Driver ($25)

For the man of the house, this screw driver will always come in handy.

Multi-Positional Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver

18. Corkcicle Cigar Glass ($25)

Holding your cigar in one hand and your whiskey in the other is so 2018. Bring dad into the future with this combo.


19. Flight Flap ($10)

For the business traveler, this is a savvy gift that can be used as a stand for your iPhone or iPad and fits neatly in your bag.

Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder

20. Bluetooth Speaker Cooler ($165)

Combine dad's love of music with his love of tailgating. This double walled cooler boasts built-in speakers and is perfect for pool side chilling. 

Double Walled Bluetooth Speaker Cooler

21. Logitech MX Vertical Mouse ($95)

Take dad's mouse game to new heights with a vertical mouse tilted at 57 degrees. Adding less strain on his wrist, this ergonomic mouse is a perfect gift for the dad boss.

Logitech MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse

22. Hockey Stick Bottle Opener ($12)

For the dad that loves hockey and a cold one, keep it simple with this bottle opener made of reclaimed hockey sticks.

Reclaimed Hockey Stick Bottle Opener

23. Wireless Charger + Drink Warmer ($80)

Keep dad's coffee hot and his phone charged with this 2-in-1 device. Perfect for the caffeine chugging, phone QI-enabled boss. 

Wireless Charging Drink Warmer / Cooler

24. Bull Whiskey Decanter ($60)

No bullshit, this is a great gift for dad in finance. 

Bull Whiskey Decanter

25. Wooden Eye Glass Holder ($8)

Read the writing on the wall, Dad's vision isn't getting any better. This expertly crafted gift will sit pleasantly on Dad's nightstand and hold his glasses as he's catching some zzzs.

Hand-Carved Eye Glass Holder

26. Craft Beer Flight with Chalkboard ($24)

This is the dad version of arts and crafts. Serve up dad's favorite beer in a whiskey flight that let's you name each beer with chalk and small chalkboards. 

Craft Beer Flight with Chalkboard

27. Furbo Dog Camera ($200)

If dad could spend every waking moment with our dogs, he would. But life happens. Furbo is the answer to stay connected to his pup. Watch through the camera and pop out delicious treats. 


28. Dynamite Hot Sauce Sampler ($35)

Blow dad's expectations out of the water with a dynamite hot sauce sampler. 

29. Slotdog Hotdog Slicer ($15)

For the grillmaster, bring out the flavor in his dogs while offering a waffle style cut for sauces. A very cool gift for dads who love to grill. 

Slotdog Hot Dog Cutter

30. Tailgating Table ($45)

Whether dad loves going to concerts, tailgates, pools, beaches or concerts, this combo table is perfect to hold everything he needs: drinks, chips and ice. 

Tailgating Table Combo

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