5 Cool Gifts to Celebrate Cherry Blossom Season

1. Cherry Blossom Umbrella (Amazon: $20)

April showers brings...you know the saying. Be prepared and in season with this pretty ella, ella, eh eh eh

2. Cherry Blossom Scarf (Amazon: $26)

The perfect accessory for your photos at the Tidal Basin. This also makes a great Mother's Day gift.

3. Cherry Blossom Bath Bomb (Etsy: $5.00)

Relax in the comfort of a sizzling, beautiful bath bomb to bring a bloom to your bathroom.

4. Cherry Blossom Candle (Amazon: $15)

Stop and smell the blossoms.

5. Cherry Blossom Pop Up Card (Amazon: $13)

Send someone a piece of the Cherry Blossoms if they can't make it to Washington, DC or Japan.