5 Cool Ways to Shop Smarter

When it comes to online shopping, you never seem to know when and if you are getting the best deal. Brands wants you to make purchases on their sites, but finding the right deals or the right pathways to purchase may not be obvious. We take smart shopping very seriously at IGCG and want to share some of the tips, tricks and hacks we use to earn when you shop and save money.

1. Drop (App)

This helpful app gives you points every time you spend money at your go-to's like Uber, Lyft, Whole Foods and Chipotle. Each purchase gives you points that are redeemable for gifts cards including Amazon gift cards. 

2. Try.com

Not sure what size they are and don't want to shell out all the money? Use Try.com. This helpful Chrome Extension allows you to try items from major stores for free for up to 7 days. This does cost small fee but definitely worth it if you are shopping for clothing. 

3. Honey (Chrome Extension) 

Never pay full price with an easy Chrome extensions that automatically pulls in and calculates the best coupon code available at your checkout page. 

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4. RetailMeNot.com

The grandfather/mother of coupon websites, you can't leave Retail Me Not off the list. Enter the website you are shopping on in the search and see what coupons are available to use. 

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5. Amazon Smile

Okay well you may not save any money while shopping with this suggestion, but you can easily donate to a charity of your choice. For every purchase you make on Amazon, if you shop through Smile.Amazon.com, proceeds of your purpose will be donated. Don't forget! 

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