5 Thor-Approved Gifts Straight Out of Asgard

Are you a fan of the God of Thunder? Between his hammer twirling, lightning striking and devilishly handsome looks (what up Chris Hemsworth), what's not love? 

We rounded up 5 cool gifts for fanatics of the son of Odin just in time for the Endgame premiere. 

Thor Hammer Bottle Opener - Amazon ($35)

No bottle can withstand the great power of Thor's hammer. 

Thor Hammer Toilet Paper Holder - Etsy ($50)

No Bathroom is complete without the new Thor Toilet Paper Holder!

Thor Hammer Tool Set - ThinkGeek ($100)

44-piece tool set in a molded case that looks like Thor's hammer.

Thor Hammer Meat Tenderizer - Amazon ($25)

Tenderize like a God! Double Sided and Ideal for tenderizing meat, steak, chicken, poultry, pork and more!

Thor Mug - ThinkGeek ($25)

Is this coffee worthy? 

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