Chocolate Lover Hot Chocolate Gift Set

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Four unique and delicious organic hot chocolate flavors blended by Scout Urling using the finest ingredients.

When Scout Urling is sourcing ingredients for her exquisite drinking chocolates, she is uncompromising: only the finest will do. Her deep knowledge of botanicals and unerring sense of taste enable her to blend them into original combinations that thrill even the most jaded palates.

Handcrafted with organic, sun-dried, heirloom cacao, lightly sweetened with sundried cane crystals and pure ground vanilla bean, and complimented with flowers, herbs, and spices, this chocolate is to be sipped and savored. Whether on a crisp clear morning, a rainy afternoon, or cuddled up by a fire, these scrumptious blends offer you a chance to indulge in the divinity of chocolate. Handmade in Bellingham, Washington.

CACAO VANILLA ORANGE: A splash of citrus and sweet vanilla bean
CACAO ESPECIAL: Heirloom cacao, pure vanilla bean, and sundried cane crystals.
CACAO CHOKOLA: A dash of local red chiles spice up this Mexican-inspired cacao blend.
CACAO LAVENDER MINT: Heirloom lavender and peppermint combine with raw heirloom cacao, pure vanilla bean, and sundried cane crystals.