IGCG 2023 Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Girlfriend

You might not be ready for a ring, but you are ready to win the day and her heart this Valentine's Day. My approach to Valentine's Day and gifting in general revolve around two ideas: function and care. 

If you aren't going to get her something that has a deeper meaning, make sure it's something functional that will fit seamlessly into her life. Valentine's Day can be a bit of a peculiar holiday as it's draped in hearts, X's and O's from the CVS Greeting Card aisleā€”but you can turn it into whatever you want it to be. And that's the feeling gifts like the Lululemon Everywhere Fleece Bag capture. 

If you do prefer to go more the sentimental route but don't want to go crazy, there's gifts here for that too. A girl in love with a good book will go crazy for these Bloomy Line Personalized Bookmarks and puzzle girlies will be head over heels for a Personalized Jigsaw.

For the full list of Valentine's Day gifts for girlfriends, check out this page. And lastly, don't forget the flowers