Coleman 1900 Collection Hard Cooler—A Timeless Cooler To Transport Your Favorite Wine & Spirits

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Not all outdoor occasions involve drinking from an aluminum can, so not all coolers should be purpose-built just for 12-ouncers.

Coleman solved for this for wine-drinkers and hard-liquor enthusiast alike by converting their 1900 collection of coolers in to an up-right, tote-able small cooler. The 11-quart, steel-belted container holds up to three standard 750mL wine or liquor "fifth" bottles and a six-pound bag of ice and keeps them cold with a TempLock FX Insulation lid and body. Don't worry if you just want some beers one day, it will still hold 7 standard cans with with the same 6-pounds of ice, making it an ideal choice for sharing a six pack on the go. Its timeless combination of gunmetal and brass is ideal for entertaining, while a faux leather strap allows for entertaining on the go.