Create Your Own Video Game Set

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Introduce young gamers to the world of coding with a console that builds and runs retro arcade games.

The debut of the first handheld video game console in 1976 provided a portable way to enjoy a single arcade hit. Today, this customizable gaming device lets high-score seekers program and play their own 8-bit challenges or enjoy the classics from anywhere.

With a computer and a free web-based, beginner-friendly visual editor, the module introduces gamers (as young as 8) to the world of coding through programming languages like JavaScript and Python. Use the gadget’s standard directional pads and buttons or enable its internal gyrosphere to transform the entire unit into a motion-sensing controller. Oh, did we mention it’s also a smartwatch with a pedometer and dozens of other functions?

In between dreaming up new digital adventures, gamers can download and enjoy titles from the golden era of home video-game consoles (think plumbers, mushrooms, turtles, and more). Learn and create or play and dominate. You’re in control. Made in China.