Indoor Desert Grow Kit—Crafty Ceramics Let You Grow Cute, Self-Watering Plants From Seeds

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The research is in: Plants listen. Some studies even show that they respond to music (they prefer classical).

This is good news for humans who live or work alone, and need a gentler conversational partner than the internet-at-large. Maybe you think a plant is too much work? These cuties are clean, compact, and self-watering, just right for a sunny desk or windowsill. The clever terracotta planter sends moisture and nutrients directly to the plant’s roots, leaving you to twiddle your thumbs—green or otherwise. And there’s no messy dirt, the plants root in coco pith. Grow your choice of cactus, bonsai, or aloe from seeds (organic or non-GMO). Bonsai seeds sprout in a few days, the other plant types may take up to a month. Designed by Sarah Burrows and Nick Behr; assembled in Chicago.