Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper—A 1990 Chateau Montrose or a $9 Shiraz, Handmade Birthstone Stoppers Preserve Any Wine in Style

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There's the 1990 Chateau Montrose that you saved for your 35th birthday, and then there's the $9 Shiraz you pair with a Saturday night movie. In either case, we think all wines deserve to be preserved in style. These hand blown glass birthstone toppers celebrate a special month while keeping a favorite libation fresh. Designer Jill Henrietta Davis heats clear glass to 2,000 degrees, then rolls in bits of crushed colored glass before forming the vibrant globe. It's a great excuse to let loose like it's your birthday and open that second bottle. After all, there's no pressure to finish it. Handmade in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.