College Town Wall Sculpture—Celebrate Your Old Collegiate Stomping Grounds With This Handmade Wood Wall Map

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Celebrate your old collegiate stomping grounds with this handmade wood wall map.

After retiring from the Toledo Police Department, Dave Holt knew he needed to find something to keep his hands busy and his mind sharp. So he decided to invest in a laser engraver and began honing his skills in his new hobby by creating custom acrylic night-lights. Dave's son Zach, an engineer, was also intrigued by the incredible precision of the engraver and saw an opportunity to create something unique. Together, the Holts set out to push the limits of what's possible with the laser engraver–creating a selection of incredibly detailed maps that require more than 80 hours to draw on the computer. They're engraved in Dave's basement and painted, built, framed, and shipped from Zach's garage.