New York Honey & Whiskey Truffles—Claire Marin's Maddeningly Delicious Chocolates Are Infused with Raw Honey From Her Own Bees

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Claire Marin's maddeningly delicious chocolates are infused with raw honey from her own bees.

Three hours' drive north of NYC, in a town with 12 people per square mile, former Manhattan-based magazine publisher Claire Marin keeps bees. In late summer, she gathers their honey and infuses it, raw, into her award-winning rye whiskey. In mid-autumn, when the bees are feeding on chestnut, maple, and wildflowers, she harvests a darker honey. Her exquisite, handcrafted bittersweet truffles, made of 70% Belgian chocolate, have velvety ganache centers, some infused with honey whiskey, the others with raw dark honey. There's one box of each. A final cocoa powder dusting, and—wait, where'd you go? Oh. Never mind. We know. Handmade in New York.